What We Practice


In boxing, you will build upon martial art and combat techniques. It is a great self-defense skill that creates a strong body and mind.  You learn swift, strong movements while strengthening your core.


In Kickboxing there are a series of movements that build agility, flexibility, power, and endurance.  You will learn speed, ab attacks, and self-defense. Kickboxing is the ultimate strength training.


This class (for 14 years old and older) will educate and give physical examples of self-defense techniques and situations. Participants will have interactive experiences. These classes are offered as a weekly series a couple of times a year. 


We are a progression focused tumbling class. The first half of class time is spent on shape work and drills and the other half of our class is spent on application to tumbling.


Our cheer classes focus on the basics of cheerleading through tryout preparation. We work jumps, jump connections, motions, dance, stunting and rallying.


Karate includes katas, which are groups of choreographed movements that include kicks and punches. Katas are memorized and practiced solo or in groups prior to sparring with opponents. Kata training increases cardio endurance while building muscular strength and power with an emphasis on physical and mental discipline. You will learn effective, hand-to-hand combat moves. Karate is a peaceful sport, and the mindset is as important, if not more important, than the physical skill and toughness. Karate builds respect, awareness, and common courtesy for self and others. As a martial art, Karate is suitable for all ages.


Power Vinyasa Yoga is a sequence that builds heat in your body throughout the sequence through movement and breath connection. We begin slowly to warm your body up, then pick up pace while always following your own breath, before winding down and taking it to the floor. The floor workouts explore things like bridge pose, wheel pose, core work, and deep stretches.


Flash is an expert in his field and he really cares about his students. I 100% recommend Flash Academy for kids and adults! – Martha K.

Love this place they work so well with kids and my kids were so happy… thank you Flash Academy… you have got to check this place out! – R. Mcclellan

Flash Academy has an excellent program with a world champion as its owner and main instructor! Mr. Flash is a fantastic teacher and is quite literally world-renowned. Our son has learned a great deal about martial arts, it is even more about being an excellent young man! – Stephanie V.

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